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Step one

online quote

Date & Location

Pick the location and the needed rent date.

Pick-Up Information

Return Information

Other Information

  • Chose location you want to pickup a car
  • Pick-up date
  • Pick-up time
  • Drop off back Location
  • drop off date
  • Drop off time
  • Choose Class or just leave empty for any category: Mean Category of car weather small car to Luxury Car.
  • Click search to find out car

Step Two

choose car

Choose a Car

Select the vehicle using our catalogues.
System will show what car are available with rate

Our system can choose multiple of car in single order. choose a car by click choose button than will come green that you has been choose. After done choose car please scroll down to bottom and click “Continue”.

Select Add-onn Option

Select Optional add-onn to submit booking detail or just ignore. Proceed to next step by “Continue”

Step Three

fill up driver detail

Make a Booking

Enter your name and booking details.

Please fillup detail required and make sure phone number with country code for non malaysian only. Please fill up flight detail or exactly location on comment.

Step 4

advance payment confirm order

Make Payment

Make Payment and Confirmation
Sample of payment by FPX
Sample of payment by Debit/Credit Card

Make payment to confirm booking. Without advance payment system did not block car for you and customer still received email but no payment record inside.

Payment option we have no extra fees, payment by FPX (Malaysia Banking only) and Debit/Credit card are open for all)


Confirmation will sent directly to your e-mail after payment has been made