New SUV Honda CRV 1.5TC-p

About Our Honda CRV

Our Honda CRV has been register in January 2020, engine with 1.5L vtec Turbo Charged that performs like 2.4L engine. Fuel efficient as it powerful. A fuel consumption ratio 7.0L/100km (Long range). Qualifies the CRV as an Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV)

CR-V Engine

What a meaning of 1.5 TC-P?

1.5 mean engine capacity with 1,500cc, “TC”mean Turbo Charge & “P” for Premium (full spec)

What our CRV have?

Honda Sensing

Forward Collision warning – Alert you when there is a risk of collisions with the vehicle ahead.

Collision Mitigation Braking System – Applies brake when it sense an increasing rick of collisionn.

Adaptive Cruise Control – Sets a fixed cruising speed and distance behind vehicle.

Low Speed Follow – Start and stop automatically with the flow of traffic.


Cruise Control – Turn on cruise Control at your disired speed and let CR-V set the pace

Cruise Set

Paddle Shift – Change gears quickly and precisely fo an exciting drive-without your hand ever living steering wheel.

Paddle Shift

Econ Mode – Cruise smoothly with ECON mode,Which increases fuel efficiently at the touch of a button.



Leather Seat – Enter the CR-V and you’ll will be greeted by supple leather seats that invite you to your next journey.

Leather Seat

Dual Zone Air-Conditioning – let you and passenger set the temperature separately yo suit yor individual preferences.

Dual Air-conditioning

Rear Air-Conditioning – Keep passengers seat in the back cool and comfortable with dedicated rear air-conditioning ventilation plus USB charging ports for convenience.

Rear Air-conditioning


Power Tailgate – Acces your boot space effortlessly with push of button.

Smart Entry System – Lock and unlock the doors with the smart key in your pocket. Sensor on the door handle make locking the CR-V convenient.

Digital Dashboard Display – the crv redesigned meter cluster with innovative fetures provides you with extensive information about the car and your drive.

Walk away auto lock

Walk away auto lock

When you’re in a rush, it’s easy to forget if you’ve locked your car. With the CR-V, there’s no need to worry about that!

The Walk Away Auto Lock feature activates after 30 seconds or once you are 1.5m away from the car.

Remember to stay calm and stay safe, when doing your errands and at all times.

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