Khidmat Pemandu

The major advantage of car rental withdriver service in Langkawi is that you can use your personal car. With this you will be in full control of the condition and quality of the vehicle. You understand the vehicle’s history, have all the required documents about the car’s maintenance and registration and can fill the gas you want actually. Car renting or rent a limo along with a talented driver can be costly. But through private driver service in langkawi, you can get services at reasonable cost, and even travel within the ease of your private car. It even removes the requirement of hiring a chauffeur service.

Chauffeur Service in Langkawi

Hiring a professional driver might seem like a luxury, but for your special vacation with family or a day out with someone special, it can make a world of difference. There was a time when chauffeur service in Langkawi was considered something that only the rich and elite could afford. But now you’ll be pleasantly surprised by knowing that they are more affordable than taxi rides. So whether you are planning to travel outside like in Langkawi island for a vacation or within the city for business meets, it needs a chauffeur service that can incorporate all your comfort-centric traveling needs.
Here are some of the valuable benefits of a chauffeur service that will make you realize their importance while boarding for Langkawi.

Why Chose Chauffuer?

What are including in package?

Car, Driver, Fuel, Mineral water or drinking water, any parking fees.

Safety is chauffuer priority

– Experienced chauffeurs have impeccable driving records of many reputable years. Therefore, when you hire driver in Lankawi you don’t need to worry about driving safety. They know how to drive safely in adverse weather conditions as well as roads. They have received proper training in all driving situations, so you don’t need to take the stress of driving with a chauffeur service.

Trusted source of comfortable travel

A reputable car rental company hires only dedicated, honest and extensively trained drivers. It is their driving excellence due to which you can enjoy your Langkawi vacation to the fullest.

Chauffeur service is convenience

Taxicabs are very popular transportation mode to use. Though, it can be sometimes become a hassle when the travelers have to wait for a ride. The taxi ride becomes more frustrating when their booking gets automatically canceled after long waiting and this will ruin all the planning for the day. On the other hand, pre-booking chauffeur service needs no frequent bookings. It will be booked for your entire journey. Once traveling for the day is done, your car hired driver will be waiting outside the venue to pick you up.

Affordable service

One of the biggest myths is that Langkawi driver hire service cost expensive. However, in reality, this mode of transportation is quite affordable and time-saving also. More than a driver, they work as a guide and will also show interest in making you aware of the country’s rich culture and history.

Reduce stress

Anyone who has ever been stuck in traffic knows the kind of stress it brings. This is one good reason why you should hire a professional driver in Langkawi. Sit back, relax and do whatever you want to do while stuck in traffic, the chauffeur will anyhow drop you to your intended location as they are well-aware of short-cut route.

44 seat New Coach

New 44 seater vip coach

4 seat Bentley Flying spur V8

3 passengers

4 seat BMW 730li 2016

Maximum 3 passengers. Minimum 4hrs RM600, 8hrs RM1200, 12hrs RM1500

4 seat Mercedes CLS 250 2016

Maximum 3pax. Minimum 4hrs RM500, 8hrs RM1000, 12hrs RM1200

7 seat New Toyota Vellfire 2.5 2019

Maximum 6pax. Minimum 4hrs RM450, 8hrs RM850, 12hrs RM1100

10 seat Hyundai Starex

Maximum 9pax. Minimum 4hrs RM350, 8hrs RM700, 12hrs RM900

11 seat Toyota Hiace

Maximum 10pax. Minimum 4hrs RM250, 8hrs RM450, 12hrs RM600

Normal Sedan Car 5 seater

Maximum 4pax. Preferred Nissan Almera or another similar